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Our vision is to create the world's healthiest community, a better place through a healthier lifestyle, we call healthstyle. It is through ganoderma lucidum, the most powerful food on the planet, that literally helps people live a younger, longer, healthier & more active lifestyle! Almost 10 years ago we experienced the benefits and now we, and the Ma' Cline's Community are "Giving it forward" by sharing our own stories. No hype, just our personal experience with the benefits of the products. We share on social media networks and face to face with family and friends. We want better health for those close to us and for the entire world. We plan to reach 100 Million people by giving and sharing what we have learned and experienced.

We believe that ganoderma lucidum, also known as reishi or lingzhi, and other close relatives, are the missing pieces to your health & wellness puzzle. With our products, enriched with this powerful food, we believe you'll look & feel younger, and healthier than ever.

We market our products through the most powerful means possible, word of mouth. And now word of mouth has become word of mouse with almost the entire world being only one click away via social networks. Experince first, then share, and finally, profit from your generosity. Through this simple method, we Give It Forward and together we can touch the lives of 100 million people.

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Who Is Ma' Cline's Coffee & Those Behind The Company?

Ma' Cline's Coffee is a new company with a longstanding ingredient called ganoderma lucidum. While ganoderma lucidum & coffee isn't a brand new concept, we've made it much better & more potent than others. Our products are 100% USDA organic certified and contain much more ganoderma than other products on the market. We really do believe in a better healthstyle for you & your family!